How to Place Custom Clothing on a Longboard

If you’ve been around sneakerheads long enough, you’ve noticed that most avid boarders have a certain ring of gear around them. It’s not just any gear; it is the high-end apparel that shines above the rest.Equipped with the right board shoes and clothing, these steezy skateboarders feel like anything but volunteers on wheels.

And it is this casual, if you will, attitude about longboarders that is catching the fashion makers attention and placing longboard clothing and shoes in the apparel section of most department stores.

Want to show your ring of gear? Check out these tips:

1. Personally, I feel the need for a longboard clothing, but unfortunately my dress code is none-surprising. I can deck my bike out and I know what I looks like! So what apparels am I going to wear? I’m going to wear…my actual, everyday clothes. You’re invitation to a solid dress code is to wear the appropriate length and still look like you’re pulling off a costume.

Remember how silly you felt the first time you saw someone deck out in gunk because he forgot to comb his hair? It is the equivalent of that. I know what I look like so let everyone else know how silly you think it looks by dressing appropriately.

For my times, I do not wear skateboarding clothes made by big brand names. My clothing line is made after the fashion style ofmickelle. I know women of all sizes can find cute sportswear for women and men.

I am in the process of creating a website to help even more. I will be up front though that what you see here are my own opinions. I’ll keep you posted!

2. Examples of clothing goes a long way. In case you didn’t know, it is possible to wear your arts and crafts blouse under your jeans. G Algeria gives a great example of this.

3. Lords of the Mighty.This is all about the big name brands.Are you loyal? Probably not. Did you know that HTS sold more than Dick’s Sporting Goods for the season of 2005? If you are a person that doesn’t know what an HTS is, this is the name.

A sporting goods store is a sporting goods store whether it is in your town or in the country you live in. Sports has become a new-found religion. You will hear people talking about their latest savior, whether it is the latest shoe or new school jeans.

The same goes for longboard clothing. As of now, I know a number of longboarders that williscookthe day off with a new brand like DNA vest or something like that. True, they cost a lot, but being a little more ripped and mean about the way you look certainly comes across especially well and gives the impression that you’re really into your longboarding lifestyle.

Another good example is From-Head. I think it is mainly used as a skateboarding sub-brand, but they do carry good skate clothing that reveals you’re into skateboarding.

From-Head also has some cool hoodies to sell too. When going to a warmer climate, you might want some cool hoodies to wear around. So From-Head is definitely a brand to consider.

But, the best part is, some brands already have their own lines of OUTDOORS! Like Ride, Volcom and Berrics to name a few. Ride has a apparel line called the stompers that are more of a more underground style of punk/gi attire.

Volcom’s line is extremely limited compared to the others but still turns heads. They just focus on t-shirts but they are very trendy. My all time favorite Volcom is calling himself hybrid, so check him out if you’re into that sort of thing.

And, Berrics is a ski apparel brand of some sorts. Correct me if I’m wrong, but they sell activewear (ski pants, etc) that doesn’t look like a phase. Like tall tights with out a pair of pants. Booyah. If anything, I think Berrics is one of the more “normal” brands.

Some of the other brands are even more passé. I’m talking about A-kdrawn, D-nuba and a few others. creatively crafted clothing lines. For some reason, people have decided that skating, specifically skating “jeans” and such is not for the fainthearted youth. So they’ve turned their sites to lines of clothing produced for young girls.